There are many sites for archaeology enthusiasts to discover. Well worth a visit are the ancient medieval villages, scattered everywhere in the inland areas of the Maremma.

The Città del Tufo (Tuff Towns) sit between wooded valleys and deep canyons, not far from the Orbetello Lagoon and the sea; they are located on high cliffs, in an apparently unstable position. Their names are Pitigliano, Sovana and Sorano.

Also known as “Little Jerusalem” due to the presence of a Jewish community, Pitigliano is built on a tuff spur. Its origins date back to the Etruscan period and the Middle Ages. Pitigliano will enchant you even before you get there. Following the road that comes from the coast, the tuff spur and the houses on top of it merge in perfect balance, right in front of your eyes.

Before getting to Sovana, you should pay a visit to the “Archaeological Park of Tuff Towns”. There, you will discover the Vie Cave - intriguing paths carved by the Etruscans into the surrounding tuff hills. These paths, whose use and meaning are still uncertain, lead to some necropolises; you will have the chance to see the interesting Ildebranda Tomb, the Tomb of the Winged Demons, and the Tomb of the Siren.

Sovana is a tiny village, but it is very rich in history. Small roads lead to the main square of the town, a place that unveils real treasures. Here, you will see Santa Maria’s Romanesque church, with its beautiful travertine altar. A few steps away from this church is the majestic and austere Cathedral.

Sorano is the most ancient village consecrated to god Suri. Its cobblestone roads lead to the top of the Masso Leopoldino, which seems to be watched by the majestic Orsini Fortress. While visiting the village, take a closer look to the houses’ doors, so different from one another. They are all unique and beautiful.

Don’t forget the archaeological area of ​​Roselle-Vetulonia-Populonia, known for its large necropolises and the extensive system of tombs - with chambers, shafts and graves - in addition to the remains of mound tombs, considered the focal points of Etruscan archaeology.

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